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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Old on the Outside

It would be nice to live in a grand French style building here in Buenos Aires.
Our home is French, but not this style. But the interiors are grand, with high high ceilings and French doors to every room and French windows and balconies. Perhaps I should start to think about living in a Modern home ? ...... no... I cannot imagine it.
We lived in a brand new very modern Loft apartment in Portland Oregon and I loved it. It was all glass, with views forever and open and airy and the plumbing worked perfectly and the floors did not squeak. But it had no real charm, we had to work on keeping the interiors warm and inviting, otherwise, the style lends itself to a hard and sterile feel about the rooms.
But now, after a bit of Looking at Homes in Other Places online, I see old homes with rooms redone , not in an old style but more modern, clean lines, non-squeaky floors, fireplaces in bedrooms and modern bathrooms with big claw foot bathtubs.
This is my new Favorite style.
I guess you could do the opposite in my apartment, make the old rooms modern with modern furniture and everything white .. it might have a nice look to it . Old house on the outside,...
new on the inside