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Friday, January 28, 2011

Day Dreaming

The heat continues and I am bored and boring. I can only talk about how hot it is. The dog can only talk about how short his walks are and the absence of most of his little dog friends in the parks, they are all on holiday.. lucky dogs.
Today we went to the cinema. Horrid movie. Left annoyed that we even sat through it.
I am making plans to go to the flea market and hopefully happen upon something that I didn't even know we needed ! at a flea market price. Yes, I do like to daydream.

Thanks to the wonderful Blogs I read, I am finding all the little things that will make my next home super .. I found that a fireplace in the kitchen is what I need. . along with the fireplace in the bathroom, bedroom and living room. I imagine my husband will be wondering who will be dealing with all that firewood. Maybe we will keep it down to the living room and kitchen.

Sunday I hope to do some shopping for me. . and for the apartment. And maybe something for the kitchen.. I want soup bowls that are very deep. I know they exist, I just have to find them and bring them home with me.

I am also spending some time these days, browsing real estate websites.
A change is in the air. It might not happen for a year or more but there will be a change.
I hope you will be here with me when it comes .. it should be fun. Everything should be fun!

My new favorite rooms .

canada house and homeimages: Canada House & Home, Mark Waldron, 1st Option