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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My hair is Hot

No, not in , wow, look at that hair, it's hot ! or wow, she is hot ... but in the sense of my hair is long and hot on my neck and there are times I just don't want to wear a ponytail or pile it up on top of my head and why do the girls all look cool as cucumbers and I am hot and sweaty under all that hair !
Long hair is the style here . Even the President has long hair .Older women wear their hair to their shoulders or longer. Some wear it very long but always up . My neighbor sometimes goes out with her beautiful outfits and her long dark hair with a white streak in it, pulled back into a low pony tail. She is so perfectly elegant and pulled together.
My hair was longer. I thought it was too much so had a few inches cut. Now my ponytail is not as long and impressive ( to me anyway) so I am waiting for it to grow longer.

When your hair is long, your clothing and your hair have to work together.
No big necklaces, turtlenecks or scarves and long hair hanging down .. too much going on there !
I admit I love the feel of my hair on my back and shoulders when I am wearing a little summer thing and there is more skin uncovered.
But then there is the Other side to long hair.
It takes longer to blow dry
You are hot and sweaty by the time you are finished. It gets hot on your neck and ends up in a ponytail anyway. You start looking at magazines and wondering how you would look in a Pixie hair cut.
But I guess I love my hair .. I will suffer with it .

I see me, years from now, an old white haired woman, with a ponytail.. it might work.