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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pretty Baubles !

  Do you like jewelry ? I love it. I love earrings and rings and wear bracelets all the time in the summer. 
I wear necklaces sometimes, I generally get stuck on one favorite and all the others sit in their boxes and wait for me to notice them ... me ! me ! they shout as I open the drawer, I try to pay attention to each and every one but I usually go to the Favorite. 
I am sure there is plenty of resentment in that drawer, no one likes The Favorite. 
And then I make my own so there are those too. 
It gets quite crowded and boisterous some days in that jewelry drawer !
A long time ago, I used to go shopping for presents, with The Husband.. for an anniversary, Christmas , whatever occasion could be celebrated with a piece of jewelry. 
And then one day as we walked down the street................. we discovered    LAZARO

It seems like such a long long time ago, in a land faraway, a younger me met that young man in New York City. 
The Husband and I were just browsing around the shops in Soho , we saw the small store front full of unique and beautiful jewelry. We were charmed and delighted by the young owner and designer of the jewelry, Lazaro. 
 He made some of my best and most interesting pieces of jewelry , a ring with an ancient Greek face carved in carnelian .. rings for anniversary gifts, earrings, necklaces  that I still wear .. all these years later. 
And just by chance I saw a mention of Lazaro in the NYTimes and looked to see if it could by chance be That Lazaro and it is.
If you are ever in NYC, in Soho, go look. Window lick. Enjoy.

(this is not a paid announcement)
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