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Thursday, October 21, 2010

La Cocina

What do these kitchens all have in common ?
This photo of my kitchen was taken right after it was finished, it looks much more lived in now, with blue and white china on top of the cupboards and photos and things on the walls ...
Well, to begin with, they are all about the size of my living room and I want my much smaller kitchen to look just like them. As if I were able to change things, I am having a hard time deciding which I like best.
My cabinets are cherry. Formal looking.
The counters are black granite.
The walls are so pale a yellow that they just look beige and tired.
My appliances are stainless steel.
Now that my New Best Friend is the Painter, I am fiddling with the idea of colors and how to make the room look more friendly. Mine looks magazine ready but not cozy or light and inviting.. although on a cold night, it is not bad. OK, I take that back, it is cozy enough, but I want it lighter.

So what would you do ? Have the place painted a nice shiny white ? I have blue and white toile shades.. maybe toile seat cushings? Maybe a new apartment with a bigger kitchen ? What to do, what to do ..........