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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Have Nothing To Wear

Hermes .. I love you.
Vivienne Westwood said  :
I am not one of these people that likes the no-makeup makeup look and things like that. I like artificial things. I think that’s what civilization is: artificial, otherwise we’d just be still living in trees.”
Is she talking about these ladies ?
I keep thinking of my grandmother talking about "growing old gracefully". How do we know when to begin?
Is Anna Wintour being graceful about it ? I think so .. of course she only eats birdseed once a day but still..
I'm reading my old hometown newspaper and looking at shoes and bags that  I like.. but but .. it is Spring where I am living now.  They don't have  Cole Hahn   here .. weeping.
I remember people from Argentina used to fly to the US to shop. Too bad those days are gone. Really.
Alright, enough about that .. I have to go shopping . Really, I HAVE to go. 
Let's hope there is something that will look good, fit, won't fall apart when I get it home and that I don't look silly in it. As long as I don't wear a big flower on my head , I think I will be OK.

images via NYTimes