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Friday, September 10, 2010

I am so in trouble

I am SO in trouble.. it is getting ready to rain. We were out all day, walking , shopping, window shopping and park walking and cafe sitting.
Now it is supposed to rain.

I thought I would look in the Blog World and see if there were any ideas for dinner, I am not going out in the rain. ( yes, I will melt)..

So once I started, I was lost in the Land of People Who Cook Well. 
I cook well but somehow, it never looks like the photos and somehow I just know, it is not going to taste as good as theirs !

Here, you look and tell me if I am crazy or not ... Not !

Sweet Freak ... with a name like that, I shoulda known !

Framed ... not only does she cook but she takes nice pictures.

Joy the Baker is a joy .. if only I could bake ...

madonna del piatto .... you know there is going to be some good pasta here.. believe me, there is.

Simon Says .... oh my .. just look at the photos of that food .. the stories .. I'm hungry.

Cannelle-Vanille   beautiful, just beautiful ...

So you see why I am in trouble. 
I have to go now, I have some recipes to read ...