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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Imaginary Re-Decoration of My Home

Just so you know, this is all imaginary.  From reading all the beautiful blogs that have me running to grab my pen and make yet another list, another note that I must buy this or must paint that or have this color, etc.
But this is what I have come up with so far .. I like it .. I can't wait to see how much of it actually happens in "Real Life"
From Griege, a Blue velvet sofa
a Yellow velvet sofa
just Yellow drapes
I think we need a nice old comfortable chair.. maybe leather, Griege showed this one
From Brabourne Farm, I think I would like to paint a piece of furniture this color 
Belgian Pearls gets me into the mood for an all White kitchen .
Maison  Boheme makes me think we need more mirrors, lots of mirrors.
or the mirror from Griege
you know, you can never have too many mirrors
Maybe the bedroom should have more White

So much to think about .. so many ideas .. so little decision making capability ... How do you like it so far?