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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I am thinking of Paris

I want to go pack my bag. I am tired of the cold .. I want to go somewhere warm.  I need museums and  shopping and French food.. real French food.. French films  
And French music ..
I am thinking of Paris. I really should go to Paris. That tune runs through my head when I think of Paris.
I will stay at "our" hotel ..   D'Angleterre, on rue Jacob on the Left Bank.

I will sit in the Place des Vosges and people watch and listen to that opera singer who lives in one of the apartment buildings, who practices each afternoon .. and perhaps a tiny bit of shopping.
I will spend the afternoon reading the paper and having coffee at Les Deux Magots, around the corner from the hotel..
I will buy perfume and lotions and handbags and music and maybe a pair of shoes on my favorite Left Bank "shoe street".. rue Dragon !
Maybe I will decide to move on to an apartment , renting from Paris Perfect. I can get the same apartment we stayed in last visit, with a view of the Eiffel Tower.
Yes, this sounds good to me. I have to go talk to The Husband now and see how he likes my idea. There is no doubt how the Pup will feel about it. . hmmm . maybe he should come too?

images via LV, Hotel D'Angleterre, AllPosters, ParisPerfect Apts,Paris Revised, Tom Spence


EcoGrrl said...

funny, i would like to be there too, but no shopping, just grab a strawberry glace and walk along the river til i hit the flower market and get lost...

Anonymous said...

I'll go shopping with you!!!!

The friend I visited this weekend has just acquired an antique LV trunk. We amused ourselves with imagining its history.....

Zaira said...

Oh yes, life in Paris looks definitely better....I wonder if people who live there are aware of how much lucky they are. Or maybe they pass the tour Eiffel each day and don't even see it anymore....POSSIBLE???? But we would see it each time, I'm sure!!!

Besos, Zaira xx

a Broad said...

EcoGrrl, sounds like a good plan!

Yes, the stories those old trunks could tell ..Of course, if I actually had an LV trunk or suitcase, I would never risk flying with it !

Zaira, I cannot image ever not looking at the Eiffel Tower, if I lived there..