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Friday, July 2, 2010

I feel Cranky, oh so Cranky, so witty and pretty and Cranky ....

You know the tune, right? Well, make up your own. Those are the words.  Enjoy it.

I have absolutely no reason to be cranky. I got to sleep late, no one bothered me, coffee was good, scone was dry but that was still ok .. went online, hmmmm... no one commented...

The Husband suggested getting out of the house so the dog and I were agreeable .. but as we walked along, I got more and more mean spirited.
Mean .. like I would push some person in front of the bus if they spit on the sidewalk just One More Time.

Mean like if I see one more guy in the park stop and unzip his pants and pee on a tree, I will start throwing large rocks at him .. and his .....

Mean like I just got over being sick and I Do Not Need to be within inhaling distance of a sneeze or cough that is Not Covered Up !!!

Mean like I will step on your dog if you don't pull its nose out of my dogs a** and let us continue our walk in peace.

Mean like if that taxi driver does not stop while I am crossing the street, I will throw myself on his hood and scream bloody murder and show them how Real Drama works.

Why ...I actually feel better now ~