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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sofa so good !

Today I am looking at my sofa .. a big heavy thing and wishing I had chosen one just like the one I used to have .
So if I cannot have the one I used to have ... it lives with my sweet friend who sends notes and tells me how the sofa is .. I will have to cover this one and make it more soft and inviting looking .. and feeling.

Here is the sofa ( chenille & raw silk pillows )

And here are some ideas for fabrics and cushions to make it more inviting .. It is huge, it just needs softening up .. I am totally loving the idea of chocolate brown velvet.

I am also not averse to aqua but then , maybe this style in brown velvet and I can use this color in some pillows..

There is another look that is similar ... both would look great in chocolate brown velvet, no?

But then I worry that with the wooden floors, will there be too much brown ? If I used this color will I see dog footprints on the seats ? The dog stays... so ... I like the big cushions on this below, cushy .. snuggle in with a good book, good man, good pup ... that sort of thing.

I knew I should have saved that chair and just re- upholstered  it ..