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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sofa so good !

Today I am looking at my sofa .. a big heavy thing and wishing I had chosen one just like the one I used to have .
So if I cannot have the one I used to have ... it lives with my sweet friend who sends notes and tells me how the sofa is .. I will have to cover this one and make it more soft and inviting looking .. and feeling.

Here is the sofa ( chenille & raw silk pillows )

And here are some ideas for fabrics and cushions to make it more inviting .. It is huge, it just needs softening up .. I am totally loving the idea of chocolate brown velvet.

I am also not averse to aqua but then , maybe this style in brown velvet and I can use this color in some pillows..

There is another look that is similar ... both would look great in chocolate brown velvet, no?

But then I worry that with the wooden floors, will there be too much brown ? If I used this color will I see dog footprints on the seats ? The dog stays... so ... I like the big cushions on this below, cushy .. snuggle in with a good book, good man, good pup ... that sort of thing.

I knew I should have saved that chair and just re- upholstered  it ..


Kathleen said...

While chocolate brown velvet seems inviting now, it will be hot and less inviting in spring. Take it from me, I am dealing with "owning" a flocked turquoise sofa from my childhood that is still in the basement. It is so ancient my sister couldn't believe my parents still had it! I just remember it as hot. In winter, not so bad. In summer, like one of Dante's levels of Hell. I like what you have. Acqua is a cool color, may work year round. Chocolate brown is a good accent color, but might seem a bit much in warmer months. This is a problem I will have soon, too, but I'm nowhere near the point you are now. I'll update on my progress, but it may not be until Christmas!

The Broad said...

The sofa looks good but isn't very cozy and soft. I don't enjoy the feel of it in summer either.
The old sofa was velvet and soft chenille, loved it.

OK.. I will continue to look at ideas, maybe I can do the reversible cushion idea.. velvet on one side, cotton/chenille on the other..

Slipcovers are also coming to mind.. summer cotton and winter the velvet :)