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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall ...

Mirrors, I can't get enough mirrors.
We have mirrors from Europe, from  Mexico , from antique shops in the Berkshires, upstate New York, flea markets in NY City, auctions in New Jersey  .. all kinds of mirrors.

Browsing one of my (too) many Design and Decor books  and  magazines.. yes, I have magazines but I also buy big books with grand photographs or grand residences ... so I can copy everything ! or be inspired.
I love all the Design and Interiors Blogs too ... I will list a few of my favorites ....

Little Green Notebook

Nice and Easy Antiques

Newly Wed Diaries

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So ... browsing this great book, I found an apartment that a man has pretty much filled every room with mirrors or something mirrored. When you walk in the door, there is a small collection of antique mirrors on the wall. The Dining room is wall papered in some print that would give me nightmares if I lived there , it practically gives them to me just looking at the photos, but he has mirrored furniture !! the better to go insane looking at that wallpaper.

But  his bedroom .. now this is the room that got me .. and the bath ..

They took rectangular mirror, no frames, looks a little old and mottled .. and covered a huge section of wall with them. They all fit, snug against each other, it is not framed or finished, it is just a collage of mirrors and it is brilliant !
In the bath .. he has a small collection on a wall and then a huge standing mirror .. one of those rooms that you walk into and keep your hand on the wall so you don't walk into something.. like a mirror.

So of course, with the mirrors I have and the amount of huge great empty spaces on my walls .. this is just the thing I need to help liven the space up, cover some blank wall and not cost a fortune ..

So that is one of the things I will do.

In the guest bedroom ( my office) I am going to paint mirror frames white and hang them .. with some art. But in the Master Bedroom, I am going wild with the mirrors all together.. I have to figure out where to find those unframed old mirrors but I am going to do it.

I think the kitchen needs a big mirror, to remind you of how you look before you leave the house .. some people don't have those .. I highly recommend it.
Others will thank you for it .. even if you can't hear them.

I have to find some spot in the dressing room for a mirror .. of all rooms in a house, a dressing room should be the first to be mirrored but there is hardly any wall, everything is built-ins..

Photos ? yes, I can show you some .. see what we can do with this place ... hope you will have fun with me, I know I will have fun.
The Husband is never that quick to say ... Oh this will be fun ! but I know he will eventually admit that ... he had fun. With mirrors !

These are the mirrors, room photos later....

This old mirror is larger than the photo looks and really really old .. Movers broke the original glass. . yes, I cried.

The one below is from Stockbridge, Mass and also very old.

The big one with Pup is hanging on a wall over the dining room table. Pup can no longer admire himself in it.