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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The President has Decreed ....

In my new hometown, the President,  has decreed a 4 day weekend, since Congress had not gotten around to it, she just went ahead and made a Decree and that is that.

If her name were Picard, she would have said " Make it so" ... and that would have been that.

So now, where there was a weekend, then a work day then a Bicentennial Holiday, she has given the people 4 days of partying, celebrating and plenty of opportunities to make noise and stay up all night.

I am not sure how I feel about all that , since I sometimes get to listen to that "stay up and make noise all  night"  bit , all night.
But I am happy for the people here who work long and hard days and deserve all the fun they can get.

But .... IF I were Queen .. Presidenta ... or Whatever ...

* I would decree shorter work days and more good Chocolate, even if it is imported.

* I would decree that more French and Italian chefs be allowed to come here and teach .

* I would decree that It Is Now Alright If they import spices, foods and goods from Europe and the United States.

There is more but we can talk about that later.

For now, I guess we will just be content with the fact that there will be a 4 day and night long party celebrating the 200th birthday of this country and city ..