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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lost Internet , Decorating and other Mad Pursuits

It was a beautiful day and we were outdoors  for most of it, once we got ourselves moving. 
It has been an aggravating week, with loss of telephones and internet and having to walk to internet cafes to do important emailing and phone calling and just wishing for once moment that I were in a place where the phones work perfectly and the internet people speak the same language as we do.

But it didn't last That long and it had a Happy Ending so I won't whine much more than that.

I am making plans to do some house re-decorating. I have lived here a total of almost 3 years, we have had various work done that left it's mark so I am working diligently on Decor magazines and blogs to find just the perfect solutions to my needs.

These involve things that men are not interested in hearing about - words like Toile have that affect on most men I know.  
Along with Toile there are the paint chips with what might seem like 5 samples of the same color, but to me ( and probably most women out there) , each one is hugely different and will Make or Break a room !

And then there are the choices between how many cushions on a sofa and what color to re-upholster it and what fabric .. velvet or ?   We did chenille and it feels nothing like the chenille I know from the Other World .. the one we lived in before moving here, to this mostly wonderful but sometimes frustrating in it's absence of Things I Need ,  World..

And then there is the rug.
In a country where you can buy someone's family silver handed down through generations for  a few dollars, I cannot seem to find a decent Oriental rug that doesn't cost thousands of US dollars.

We brought all of our "good stuff"  but there are still things we need. 
OK, things I need to decorate this place just so.. the style of the building and the interiors is French. High ceilings and tons of molding... this requires me to keep that French theme and go hog wild ..

I am going to go to Flea Markets and start the hunt soon, maybe tomorrow, now that I think of it.
And if worse comes to worse, I will paint everything white, bang it around and do that Shabby Chic look that I really like a lot .

So that is it .. I am making a Battle plan .. to hunt and gather what I need to make a better ( in my eyes) nest for my little family of 3 ( counting the Pup as always)...

Besides, he is always the first one to let me know, that he thinks All of my Ideas are Brilliant and that I am the Smartest person he knows... not to mention talented and beautiful.

Stay tuned for the Further Adventures of the Re-Decoration of the House where that Mad Woman Lives ~

(me ... at the Drawing Table )


Anonymous said...

The Madwoman is on a roll!

Tricia Patricco said...

Please please please don't paint everything white. Life is about color and although white has it's place, IMO it's stark and contractor-ish and not very homey.

Only trim and ceilings in my house are white.

Toile and white don't resonate for me either. E-mail me what you're thinking and I'll give my input if you want. :)

Trish (with a BFA in Interior Design)

The Broad said...

Trish my darling !
The walls are pale yellow, the floors are super shiny natural wood and the furniture is mostly dark wood.. many antiques.. those would stay.
It is the "decorative touches" here and there that would have that white but shabby look ... so things don't look so slick and new..
I promise, no sterile white for us.

un beso

Tricia Patricco said...

Ok were making me nervous there for a moment. ;)

The Broad said...
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