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Sunday, May 2, 2010

OK. So, I got over it !

The Husband and the Dog  took me for a walk today, through parks and past lakes and it was impossible to stay cranky. The day was beautiful, the city is gorgeous and the Bloody Mary was pretty damned good. 

I do appreciate the good fortune that I enjoy, I also get homesick and expect people to treat me like they miss me too.
I know- I expect too much from people.

So walking , talking, drinking and walking made the day much better and plans for movies and shopping this week cheered me right up. Especially the Shopping part.
Oh and I want to try some new restaurants this week ... my Work is Never Done.

But let me say this  Amazon dot com had better get those presents- that were ordered a day in advance ( even though it says immediate delivery)- have still not arrived or  I am going to be more than cranky if they screw this up. 
There are 2 young ladies in the United States, celebrating birthdays and they are going to get those presents from us !! So get cracking Amazon  !!