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How to Cope .. When there is no Chocolate

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dear Diary,
Kids ! Bah humbug !
Yeah, they look sweet.. until they grow up ... I want my money back... well, I didn't actually pay for mine so I guess maybe I want the years back... I want a sweet baby again.. the type that thinks you are just the best thing on Earth..better than chocolate.

The one that doesn't feel the need to Be The Parent.
The one that doesn't talk to me like I am the Child ...

I need a Bloody Mary.

Be back later.


Tricia Patricco said...

Aw...please know you have two peseudo kids in NJ and one pseudo granddaughter so far...haha...that wouldn't do either of those things to you.

We love L'Occitane, shopping, lunch with cocktails and all that good stuff too. Maybe you need to come visit for an infusion of love!!

Hugs! T (and D & W too).

The Broad said...

Where are my pseudo kids when I need them, whimper whimper !
Thank you .. love to T and D and W and the other as yet unnamed kid <3

Anonymous said...

extra horseradish pleeze