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Friday, May 14, 2010

Cooking !

What is it with cooking and cold weather?

So ....  it is getting to be Fall, the nights are nice and chilly, and the days are good for long walks and plenty of fresh air, resulting in one needing a good hot home cooked meal.
Soon it will become a need for a nice restaurant meal. 
But for now, I am enjoying making those dishes that were too hot to make all summer.

Pasta is right up there but I am making things like Chicken , Tomatoes and Olives with Polenta.
Or homemade pizza.. with cheddar and feta mixed on top with green olives. 
Remember, I live in South America where for some reason, green olives are a required ingredient of pizza and I fell right into that habit. But mine are better, mine don't have pits.

Tonight I went Hog Wild and made a Chocolate Bread Pudding. Loaded with "secret" ingredients. 
It was so good, The Husband said it made him nauseous. But in a good way. 
You know, when you eat too much sugar and you feel icky ?
So I guess, that is actually ... a Good Thing?

I have gotten hooked on the world of Food Blogs. Cooks, my god, the world is full of cooks and most of them sound like they actually know what they are doing !
I have a few favorites but I must be careful, if I look at my favorite food blog list of favorite blogs .... then I get lost in that list and add to my list and then, well, there you have it.

I will soon be the Fat Mad Housewife..

Why couldn't I get hooked on Fitness blogs ?

Here are some of my favorite cooking/food blogs.. as of tonight, by tomorrow I will have more.. I see there is no end in sight .. I am lost.

Framed ( her photos are amazing ... you can really spend some time looking at this blog)

101 Cooks

My First Kitchen

Joy the Baker

Saffron and Blueberry ( My attention was caught by her photos, look at the snow and tree on her bread pudding recipe blog )

Smitten Kitchen ( don't you just want to say Smitten Kitten?)

The Little Teochew

Cooks , in my mind, are like a sisterhood .. we all do it, to some degree or another, we are all good or bad at it, enjoy it or don't ... but we all know about cooking.  So if it is such a large part of a persons life, cooking and eating are, you know ... then blogging about it and reading about it just seem to be a natural thing to do .. and I like to think that in this world of everyone for themselves, that I can be supportive of something else out there, like me in some way, if only in the way that means, we cook ..

If you have a favorite blog for cooking, do tell me ! I will add it to my list .. 

Bon Appetit , as a wonderful lady used to say ~