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Friday, March 31, 2017

The Story for anyone who reads this blog but has no clue about me ....

My husband and I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived there for 7 years.
We came home to the US when a new baby was expected in the family ..
My husband saw a doctor and had a test . nothing was wrong, he was quite healthy.
We were happy.
A few mornings later,  my husband  died  .
 I lived there in that house for as long as I  could manage alone, then sold it and moved where there is no snow .
But now I miss New York and will probably move back soon.

This is the short version. If you want to read the long version, just start with the first blog or go to NotesFromABroadBlog .. 

Thank you to everyone who reads my blogs and who contacts me in emails, I love you too :)
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