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Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Change Is Gonna Come

The Housewife might take a vacation. I feel that there is really nothing to talk about at this time.
When I make a change in my "situation" , I think there will be more to talk about and more interest.

As it is now- I stay home, if I go out on my own, I get lost .. I now panic easily because I think I am lost and I am not .. or I worry I will get lost so I stay home.
Yes, me ... the woman who put the cats in the car and drove , alone , well, with the cats but they refuse to share the driving , from New York State to Florida.

I am living in the most beautiful condo, with a State Forest of pine trees behind me .. flowers and lawns and high fences and  big gate .. but I am very alone and also .. it is  also dreadfully boring.

I know it is safe, but it would be nice to look out the door and see humans. Now there is just a gecko here and there , sometimes a fabulous noisy bird will fly over, land by our lake and do some fishing. Thats nice .. but it doesn't make for a very interesting life.
And I am tired of being so isolated...

I also miss family in NY .. one person is not well, I don't know how much time I have left to see her again. So my mind is busy, zooming around, figuring out how to do this and where to go and what to do then.

So odds are .... A Change Is Gonna Come..
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