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Thursday, September 22, 2016


I have to get back to blogging and keeping up. I hope you missed me :)

I am living in Florida now and every day/week/month seems to be Summer. So far.
I know it will cool off and I know that where I lived before this will be cold already .. at night .
This is actually my favorite time of year in New York.
But then my least favorite time of year comes after that and leaves the memories that make a person give up one day, start packing and move to Florida.

I am living in a Condo. Yeah ...
I never wanted to live in a Condo. I like big old houses with character.
But then I had a husband who was really good for sleeping next to on cold winters nights...I swear he radiated heat like a human heater.

So .. my mornings are getting a routine and it is very pleasant. I wake up too early to cats waking up. They are quiet though, they sometimes just change places for more sleep or they stand at the door and wait for it to magically open.
And then it does.

The door opener goes back to bed and sometimes gets to nap a little later.

Then we all trundle down the stairs to the kitchen and there is the great outdoors, the walls are all glass .. from my kitchen I am looking into woods. Armadillos and snakes and a gazillion birds have been seen so far.

We all have coffee out on the lanai and they tell me what their days plan is .. I tell them mine.
Almost always, their plan is the same .. Nap, Eat, Cat Chat, Nap , Eat, Nap, Chat and see what Mama is up to then Nap on her bed.
Dinner, Nap. TV, Nap.
Bedtime !! Fight for who gets the best spot next to Mama..
Mama asks why it seems that she was in bed first but gets the smallest amount of bed space.
We laugh. Merlin squints and wonders what the fuss is then makes himself into a small round soft hairy thing and sleeps all night. Minette has to settle in .. it might take a while. Honey just lays down and goes to sleep. No muss no fuss. I love her so .. she gets extra kisses and whispers in her ear, in case she is missing our Mom. But she purrs now for me so I think we are all healing in our way.

My goal is to go back to Buenos Aires for a long visit.
I will rent an apartment .
The cat sitter will have to be my daughter. So there are all kinds of logistics and possibly begging to be done.

I have been buying big pots of  flowering plants..  the lanai is getting to be very pretty. I swear , Merlin sniffs the flowers. Then I know as if my husband was next to me whispering in my ear, Merlin can't see, his nose is in the flowers because he is trying to see them.
But I will believe he is sniffing the scent .. and getting a better look.

I walked to the mailbox yesterday and today.
I got sunburned. Not burned, but there is a white line on my shoulders from  my sleeveless dress ..
I have more freckles on my cheeks .. cute on a 4 year old, annoying on a grown woman.

Hummingbirds... they are everywhere .. I like to think they are fairies. Why not ?

The Swimming Pool closes at dark ... I don't want to go in the water but I like the idea of walking over there and sitting by the pool in the cooling down evening ... the skies here are wonderful.
Great expanses of blue skies, huge clouds .. sunset is fabulous.

Summer here is quite nice. Not what I remembered at all. A nice surprise.

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