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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Shut Down ALL Puppy Mills

  1.  A tiny puppy in a puppy mill in Lancaster Pa where the baby was found covered in maggots. 
  2. He was rescued but the puppy mills have to be shut down.


Sue said...

This non-realisation that every life is a life worth living and worth living well infuriates me. So many little lives are lost needlessly and lived out in horrendous conditions. I agree with you completely, shut down the puppy mills and stop the over breeding of animals just for cash.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you Sue !
I know , puppy mills are inhumane on so many levels and I do not understand why they are not all shut down, against the law, and the laws enforced.
I have nothing against breeders, my sweet Pup was a Standard Poodle and bought as a wee puppy from a woman who was well known for her prize winning dogs ... they lived better than most humans !
And he lived for many many years .. he died of old age in Argentina ..
That is what I want for all old dogs, to live well and happy lives with the people who love them and to be missed when they were gone. We want it for ourselves, why not our pets ??