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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Here I Am

I know, it has been a long time since I posted anything.
Could it be  because I am having so much fun that I never remember to post ?
Could it be because I am traveling to far away places with strange sounding names ?
Could it be because I am ..... what ? ..... oh, Okay ....

I moved.
I was living in New York, near Albany , in a house on the edge of a Forest, down the street from a huge Farm, where it snowed all winter and I got crazy and could only think that I would be snowed in, starve, and in the spring, my body surrounded by little cats would be found ... by the door, car keys in hand.

So I sold the house, packed up my cats and purses and drove .. Yes, I drove, alone with cats to Florida.
We stayed in La Quinta hotels because 1- they allow pets 2- all of our experiences with La Quinta have been 100% good , great even. And they are just plain nice. All of them .. from the people at the desk to the ladies that do the rooms ... Nice.
We won't even discuss the lady that was cleaning my room and asked me about my trip and when she found out I was widowed and moving away from snow and closer to family, she gave me a huge bear hug and wished me well in all that I do.
Yes, I did consider living in a hotel instead of an apt, I can't seem to find an apartment that has room service but after some thought, we continued our drive South.

And here I am.
My mom had a massive heart attack the day before I arrived.
My mom died the day that I arrived.
She did get to see me, and I saw her, she knew me .. and I miss her.

My daughter has been wonderful, there are no words.

I was shown this apartment .. sorry, Condo .. a friend/client is out of the country or town and wanted to rent it out .. and here I am.
The cats like it. There are plenty of windows, they like the stairs although I carry Merlin when we are going up, why give him the extra work ?
He has grown heavy and I can't feel his ribs the way I did when I got him. I am so glad.
Minette is growing into a little lady and is as pretty and loving as she always was.
And then ... after Mom died, my daughter was clearing out some things from Moms apt.
One of those "things" was Mom's cat ... left alone for days , being fed but not kept company, wondering where her mama was and why was she by herself all the time. No light at night, all alone.
Of course I took her ! How could I not ???

So now there is Minette, Merlin and add Honey to the mix.
When I was a little girl, we had a kitten named Honey and she died. My mom was heartbroken. So I know where this Honey got her name. And she is as sweet as honey. Huge, but very sweet and lovable.
And her markings are comical. She has a black mark on her nose, making her kitty nose look like a big schnoz  ... a Jimmy Durante cat face.

I love her. Minette likes her most of the time, I don't know if Merlin is aware that she is here yet.

So you can picture it ...
a single lady from NY, arrives in town with her cats ... moves in to a posh condo and is seen now and then, leaving the garage in her nice car with NY license plates ( that changes Friday) and 3 little cat faces at the upstairs window watching her leave.

Here we are.


Mary said...

Such a great post Candice - even though I'm already familiar with your story.
You should write a book - illustrated of course with the three fur balls!

Hope all goes smoothly at the DMV and you like sporting a FLORIDA plate!
Mary x

NotesFromAbroad said...

Awww, Mary, thank you !
The cats will be so proud of me too ...:)

Anonymous said...

I do so hope your new location turns out well. I have a single friend, retirement age, who also moved to FL alone after decades in the Midwest. She is loving it.

Sue said...

I feel I half know you, through your regular comments on John's blog. I'm glad you moved, glad you got to see your Mom and that her cat is now safe with you and yours. I wish you lots of happy times in your new home with your little furry family.

You have all my admiration for striking out on your own, and rebuilding your life nearer to your daughter ... and further from the snow.

NotesFromAbroad said...

Ahhh Sue, thank you so much :)
In a lot of ways, it seemed just the only thing I could do. Everything seemed to be going against me having any sort of life ... but a sad and lonely one with money worries ... snow and isolation thrown in for good measure.
Now I wake up to sunshine, cozy cats snuggled up all around me and the loud purrs coming from Honey, she is glad to have me.
We will all muddle along together .. at least there is no snow :)