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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Save a Pup

There is this young beautiful dog. A boxer.
You know how boxers have their tails cut short ?
Well , someone did a bad job ..  this poor beautiful dog is now in danger of dying , living in pain and being crippled, the list is long.

He will have surgery to correct all the damage that the botched surgery did but it is expensive.

The link takes you to the place where money can be donated and you can read his story.
He is a beautiful pup. A sweet beautiful dog who was so damaged by a human.

You can see him on the link .. I can't post the photo here , so someone isn't too upset if they set it without warning.

God bless the animals .. and I hope whoever did this to this dog roasts in Hell.

Please, give/donate to the surgery .. save the poor sweet pup.
Thank you ..

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