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How to Cope .. When there is no Chocolate

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mirror ...mirror ...

There are so many things I would copy in my next kitchen .. the shelves with white dishes and the wood floors especially.

I just happen to have a chandelier from Buenos Aires that would look good in the kitchen.


Autolycus said...

Oh but.... think of the dusting!

NotesFromAbroad said...

LOL ... let's not let reality butt in here ...

Mary said...

Lovely everything - just what I'd choose if I could move to another place and start anew!
Yes, yes, you will love a chandelier in the kitchen. Remember I told you if your hang it over an island where a low ceiling might be a problem, nobody will bump their head!

I like the open shelves but I have heard that keeping the china clean can be a nuisance. The secret would be just having what you use daily/weekly stored there so they get washed often - I wouldn't make it a problem. Nice flooring too.

I love that last mirror and wash basin too - especially great with no exposed plumbing pipes etc.

Dreaming along with you Candice.
Hugs from a white world here in the south - 6" fell last night!

Mary x

Carolyn said...

You probably have nice things and open shelves are great to show them off.

We hardly have any closed storage in our kitchen. I've collected pretty things over the years and I enjoy seeing them all the time.
A friend built me a very nice plate rack for the cups, saucers, and plates. A Martha Stewart garden trellis makes a simple rack to hang pans on. The teas are on a bamboo rack. The everyday plates/bowls/silverware are on a wicker table top. Serving dishes are on a shelf above the cookbooks. Above the sink are 3 shelves, the top one for copper I don't use, the middle one for pottery bowls I sometimes use, and the bottom one is my dish drainer. About the only things I hide are cake/pie/muffin pans.

A little dust doesn't bother me, but I try to use most things so they don’t get fuzzy. But probably in your new house no dust will fall.

NotesFromAbroad said...

LOL, In my house, no dust will fall.
That is funny. Because I was never a super housewife, I always either had a cleaning lady or did a sloppy job and didn't worry about it, although I do like a house that is neat and clean.
Lately, out of boredom, I have been very neat and tidy. So lately no dust will fall LOL

But as soon as I get into a new home and settled, I will be enjoying things more I think and worrying less about the dust.

Thank you for your comment, I loved it :)

Kathleen said...

I need new flooring. I want to get rid of the carpeting, too. (The floor in the main bathroom is the only one that's fine, and I had it replaced about 10 or 11 years ago.) A co-worker showed me a photo of her Plank flooring yesterday, with her dog lying on it. She said it was a DIY project, was not expensive and from the photo, it's utterly beautiful. I am currently coveting it!

NotesFromAbroad said...

Kathleen, I think I would covet that plank flooring too.