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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another Womans Life (La vie d'une autre )

No , this isn't about me :)
I watched this film last night and it was so good that I want to share it.
Juliette Binoche is one of my favorite actresses and she does a brilliant job in this.
It will satisfy you, I am sure.

La vie d'une autre


Mary said...

Candice, I love Juliette too but can't find this film on Netflix. Where did you find it - or did you actually view in a cinema?

Thanks, Mary

NotesFromAbroad said...

I don't think it is on Netflix.

Sioux said...

I love Juliette as well, My favorite film of hers is The Widow of Sainte Pierre. Tragic but brilliant.

(I saw your comment on Pearl's blog. I have a friend who calls her boobs "Flopsy" and "Mopsy.")