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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happiness - Don't Just Wish

I read this somewhere today and wanted to share :

Things that will make you happy/happier.

1- Good friends

2- Express Thankfulness ( how easy is that ? just say Thank you)

3- Pursue your goals .. don't just talk about it .. Do it !

4- Do what you are good at .. often.

5- Give ... be UNselfish

6- Stop chasing "Stuff" .. money/cars/homes .. things don't  make you happy

7- Live the Life you want ... not the one others expect you to live . It is about you, your goals, your life.

I read once that the saddest words were when someone was dying and they said they wished they had done this or that.
Keep that in mind, when you wish to do or go or be something.. do it.
Don't just wish.