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How to Cope .. When there is no Chocolate

Friday, April 11, 2014


Some people don't have much and they sigh and wish they did.
Some people have so much that they wish they had less.
Some people don't like the color , they change it, hate it, dye it back.
Some people want theirs longer or shorter.

Mine is blonde. I am fine with that, the white blends in better.
Mine is very long .. I am getting tired of that.. although very long white blonde hair has a Look.

I am considering a haircut.
I am not as brave as I used to be.
Yes, it will grow back .. but but ....

This is the haircut that I like ..

The purse isn't bad either.

Maybe I won't go so short .. keep it to my shoulders or just above... hmmmm

Hair .. it is never perfect. Is yours ?


Mary said...

I must say that I'm loving my new short 'do' - I feel much freer than I did with the all one length bob which I'd had for so long and was bored with. Mine is longer on top and shorter layered sides and back. I can blow it dry for a straighter look, or let it dry and then play with it and a little texturizer and make it more funky. I like how it gets tousled in the breeze but still looks OK - everyone I know likes it, they say I look younger (that helps!) and they want me to keep it red with highlites. I was going to go blonde and let the grey grow out but hey, I'm going to wait until I'm older, LOL!!!

It will be a big change Candice because your hair is very long, however I think you'll look really good and enjoy the freedom a short cut brings.

Happy day - Mary

P.S. My dead straight hair suddenly has bends and body now short and layered - who would have known!

NotesFromAbroad said...

This is encouraging ! That my straight hair might have a bend to it is an exciting idea lol
Thank you Mary :)

beyondbeige said...

Cut it! Dare to be different woman.