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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Baby, It's Cold

Yes, it is winter. Time for people to pull out the woolies and thermals and put nice soft blankets on the beds and throws on the sofa and pull the drapes closed against the cold dark nights.

But the magazines are showing these posh apartments belonging to so called designers and they all look so uninviting, so cold and doctors waiting room-ish.

Who wants their living room to look like a hotel lobby ?
Who wants a kitchen that looks like the bar in the hotel we stayed in in Argentina ?

If I am going to start decorating according to magazines, I am going to dig up some French mags, they have rooms with drapes all over the place, doorways etc ... they have big fat sofas buried in pillows and soft throws to keep you cozy.
Color and warmth .. that is what the every day person wants in their life.
In their homes and especially in winter.

These opinions have been brought to you, free of charge, from Me.
Sitting here nice and cozy in my little office with the chenille sofa and pillows and throws and drapes framing a view of snow. brrrrr.


guitarsandlife said...

I don't decorate in anyway due to magazines or the in style - I ... muddle through and have a go ... which ends up being normally ok for me and much more homely

Mary said...

Hi dear, yes they are a bit cold looking. I recall my mother sewing heavy lined velvet curtains for our exterior doors to keep out winter drafts - I need to make them for mine, seem to feel the cold more now I'm older!

Cuddle up and stay warm with those throws and pillows.

Hugs - Mary

NotesFromAbroad said...

That is what I do, guitarsandlife .. I was influenced by an apt we rented in Paris and the way our home in Buenos Aires looked .. plus I brought home furniture from Argentina .. so my decorating depends a lot on all the treasures we have collected.

Mary .. I love that .. I saw it the first time in a Paris restaurant, red velvet drapes across the front doors .. here I have white linen .. not so heavy and warm but thankfully the windows are all air tight.

Pillows and blankets .. that will get me through this winter .. besos.