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Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's in the Bag ..

Who loves their handbags ?  Do you carry various bags for various occasions ? What is your favorite color ? What is your favorite bag ? Do you keep them in a special place or just hang them anywhere ?
I admit it .. I am a collector and lover of handbags of all kinds.
Vintage Coach
Maybe next Spring
Since we are back in the United States and I can feel comfortable carrying any one of my collection of handbags, I have had quite a good time carrying a different bag each day .. or maybe not just for a day but I could if I wanted to.
I am glad that I am at the stage in life where I appreciate "Vintage" handbags, not just the old ones ( I have an original Carlos Falchi  ) but anything new is good too.

Do you love your handbags ? Do you have more than a couple ? 
Do you have a closet just for your bags ? 
Do you belong to Handbags Anonymous ? 
Tell me ...
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