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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Kitchen Cupboards

Making some decisions when renovating an older home are easy. Others not so much.
I am not in love with the cupboards in my new kitchen.
The kitchen itself is perfect with everything custom made and just where it ought to be, with all sorts of little luxuries that don't come in a standard kitchen.
Cupboards that open and inside are excellent sliding drawers that hold everything from large pots to the lids. Cupboards that hold   just cups or just glasses  . Drawers that hold sharp objects or long paper boxes with aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Everything was thought of and arranged just so.

But I dislike the color of the cabinets.
And the renovations are winding down, no one wants to start another project.

So I am thinking one of the looks that I love in all kitchens is the all white, open cupboard .. no doors.
These are two of my favorites:

My kitchen is larger than the one above .  It would be reversed, wood cabinets below, white tile counter tops, white walls above, open cupboards for dishes and glasses .
This is more like my kitchen, one end of the room is a large bay of 3 huge double windows.
I can see the entire garden while standing at the sink. It almost makes washing dishes pleasant.
No, I don't really wash dishes ... I have a beautiful new Bosch dishwasher. I totally heart my dishwasher. Stainless steel inside and out and totally silent when running.
What kind of kitchen do you like ? Open ? Behind doors ? Large, small ? Modern or older charm ?
Mine is Mid Century Modern .. or at least the house is so I guess the kitchen goes along with that.
Tell me about your kitchen. I need ideas ..