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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Behind the Times

The Blue Tree NY

My goodness, what expensive junky looking stuff !
Now I like New York City boutiques and I love going down to Soho and buying something that I cannot live without.
I wear anniversary gifts bought in Soho boutiques, I wear summer outfits bought in Soho boutiques and I like to eat in Soho restaurants, bistros and cafes.

But really, even I .. the one who will find all kinds of reasons why I cannot live without a piece of jewelry, cannot see paying the asking price for just about anything in this place .

Is it because the owner is an actress, married to an actor ? Does that make things more valuable ? Does that make shoppers wanna have it ?

I guess I have grown out of this phase in Shopping Life .. I buy things for their look or value to me or for some kind of specialness that the object / clothing/ car ... brings to me .. but I also know when junk is junk.

And not to look like I am picking on this person and her shop ...

Lisa Rinna, plastic surgery addict, married to a movie star ,  cute shop but have you seen her face ??
I guess if Lisa Rinna can sell clothes, then this boy ( Tony Alva)  can sell clothes... at least he can skate board.
Venus Williams is into Interior Design ?  OK.
Jessica Alba sells baby clothes .. okay, at least she has baby experience 

It isn't enough that you can afford to buy a small country, you have to be a shop owner too.
And here I thought I would go volunteer at the Equestrian Advocates where people donate time and money to saving , housing and caring for horses.
I must be so behind the times.
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