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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Here I Am

Yes, I'm still here.
No, I have not gotten lost in the outer reaches of Argentina, captured by gauchos and forced to ride beautiful horses every day .
No, I am sitting in a 200 year old house, in the Berkshires , in Massachusetts .
We are house hunting .. we look at houses in New York State, Massachusetts and even in Connecticut.
We want an old house in the woods.
Or an old house that is near the woods.
I will take an old house with a tree or two in the yard.

I want character but indoor plumbing.
Central air and 2 bathrooms would be nice too.

So far, we have not seen what we want but the search has been interesting.

So far, the best thing to come out of this so far has been meeting two great people, the lady that shows us NY real estate and the man who shows us Massachusetts real estate.

We won't discuss the jerk realtor that argued with me over every critical remark I made when seeing a house that was better described as a Tear Down.
We will not discuss my reaction to him when he said he had a nice couple of acres somewhere that would be excellent for a double - wide ..
Yes, he said the words Double Wide to me. And when my husband pulled me off of him before he quit breathing .... okay, that part isn't exactly true ... it was my dream but in real life, I let him have it and we left and have ignored his emails and calls since.
I hope he has an inheritance because someone that stupid will never make a living selling real estate ... or anything else.

So tomorrow we see some houses that were built about 100 years ago.
Someone else renovated them.
I will be happy to keep them pretty and put in gardens.

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