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Monday, February 11, 2013

Add this to the list

We are counting down to 2 weeks,4 at the most until we move back to the US and find a house in the country to live in.
I am going from living in the heart of a huge noisy crowded city to a home that will have acres and woods and fields  and perhaps a  forest nearby.
And this house will be the total opposite of the home we now have.
We live in a 100 year old apartment building, that was originally a private home .. a petit hotel.
It has only 2 apartments to a floor , balconies, french doors and 15 foot high ceilings and molding ... everywhere !
I have a "modern" kitchen and bath but the rest of the house is as it was , with new paint and sanded, polished floors.

Now I am going to go to the total opposite.
I will live (probably) in an old house. Farmhouse ? Chalet ? Mid-Century Modern ? 
We are being open-minded, we will see everything and the one that clicks will be The One.

So for now I wait for the time to pass, everything is scheduled, people will pack, people will ship and people will store our things.
We just have to pack our bags , get on the plane and find a hotel when we get there .
Then from there on - it is an adventure.

Everyone should have adventures.
As often as possible.
It keeps you young and interested .... and some might say, interesting.

Except when you go on and on about decorating and colors and kitchens.
That is where it can get sticky.
But we won't worry about that now.

This is a kitchen I love. It has gone into my file of Kitchens that I Love.
It will be interesting to see , when all is said and done, what we end up with.

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