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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Bag Lady

I have more Handbags than I need.
Who doesn't ??
I don't know how many I have.
This is nothing to be ashamed of.

There are people out there with closets full of shoes.
There are people out there with closets/drawers full of white tee shirts.
Who am I to scornfully condemn them for having so much ? Why would I care ?
They are not taking up My closet space !
If they were, they would be forced to share, so no one dares infringe on my closet space.

Wars have started over closet space.
Oh sure, the history books tell a different story but it is because Men wrote it.
Ask any woman, she will tell you about sharing closet space with a man, with a partner.
A single woman will tell you how much more closet space she needs and small children wish their mothers closet had more space for hiding and that they did not have to Be Careful Of Mommy's Bags !

I had the opportunity to make a perfect closet out of a "maids room" connected to our bedroom.
We had a beautiful arched doorway made, the walls are floor to ceiling shelves and closets and I find that while the shoes are content with the few shelves they have .. the handbags are grumbling constantly about being crammed in the back and forgotten, squished into spaces too small for the seasons humongous bags and beautiful little bags calling out , Clutches are In Style again !!

Sometimes it can be pretty raucous in the closet.

Here the closet  is a Vestidor, a Dressing Room .. a repository of my shoes and hangbags.
They are getting restless, I hear them grumbling late at night.
Good thing we are moving soon.
Who knows what sort of rebellion they would cook up.

Next house, they have been promised, at least a small bedroom will be converted over to being a dressing room/closet. If that doesn't make them happy, I know this place called eBay ..

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