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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fly Away ~

My friends are going to go to Europe next year.
They will fly into one city, rent a car and drive through the countryside, visiting the small towns, eating in trattorias, taking their time, soaking it all in. 

Another friend is going to Paris, Nice, Arles ... I can hardly control myself .
I am about to make a huge house move, from one continent to another, find a new home, move in, get re-acquainted with my home country and all I want to do is get on a plane and fly away to Europe.

We would drive on roads through countryside where there is no traffic ..

We would stop in towns to wander and stop for a drink and a bite of something fresh picked that day
 Driving along the coast, we  stop for dinner as the moon comes up over the water.
 Continuing through the small towns whose names are forgotten but their beauty is unforgettable.
Dreams do come true, I will dream of flying away .. 
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