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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sit Down

 While I browse the real estate websites, I find myself decorating the empty rooms of houses I see that I like. 
Of course, the first things that will go into the empty house waiting for us, will be a bit of white paint and maybe a cat and a dog. 
Then,  I think of what furniture goes where.

Now I have become obsessed with ideas of what furniture I would buy, to go into the rooms of the house I might buy ..  hey, it is Summer, it is too hot and I need to decorate, OK?!

We have a Sofa that will be re-covered.
The fabric and colour yet to be decided on .. I lean towards blue at the moment.

Now I am looking at Chairs. 

There is a place for a chair like this in any room !
  There will be no discussion, I am getting it that color, that fabric and that is that. 
Guest room maybe ?
                           There is always a spot for a chair like this !

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