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Monday, December 10, 2012


It seems to be a good idea to me to study up on what is available in the world of Fashion and Style before I hit the stores in NYC. Accessories are always fun .. which do you like best ? I can't decide.
Victoria Beckham



Anonymous said...

I mentioned the wonderful bag I purchased at Perez Sanz on Posadas when I was in Buenos Aires several weeks ago. Have you been to the stores yet?

At any rate, they were out of dust bags and ultimately their New York store sent me one. It is lovely and deserving of the beautiful bag; definitely the best dust bag I have. But, what was so particularly lovely was the customer service and the nice emails I received from Luciano Perez Sanz. The store is located at 20 East 69th. You might want to visit there when you return to NYC.

So glad I was in lovely Buenos Aires before the heat, humidity and mosquitoes! Like you, not my favorite at all and like you, I tend to stay in a/c. Not a good solution when visiting as a tourist.

MEBM said...

I know what you mean. He has these excellent handmade stuff.. And he is not only nice he is so good looking OH MY GOD!! One of the best things I could do in B.A was to go to his store and meet him.. AND of course buy his beautiful necklace

Best trip ever!!