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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Bedroom

I love my bedroom. 
It is serene and quiet and my favorite chandelier hangs in the bedroom. 
We only sleep in the bedroom, there is no television. 
I have rooms for reading and rooms for sleeping and rooms for television. 
I have kept it fairly monochromatic, but looking at photos of bedrooms has me Thinking ..
This room is so peaceful and quiet looking, the bed is so inviting.
This wallpaper ... do I love it or not ?

Now this wallpaper I love .. will it convince my husband that wallpaper can be a good thing?
Maybe I should show my husband this room first, then the others will appeal to him more ..
Can you imagine trying to fall asleep in this room ? With predator birds watching over you .. waiting to swoop down ...
I have to give this more thought. I was also considering putting mirrors on the wall facing the bed. 
But what if I wake in the night and see myself ? 
Will I scream and tell my husband there is an intruder, obviously an insane person from the look of her ?
I have to give this more thought .. I need to sleep on it .

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