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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spring shopping

They say Spring will be here soon.
They say Summer will be here soon.
I say it is still freezing  cold out and I am heartily sick of wearing boots and scarves and gloves and a coat.
But I still have to remember the sunblock .. aackkk !
There is nothing to do but go shopping and have tea in a cafe.
Poor me.

This feels like it is made of tissue. 
It will be my dream blouse when the humidity is as high as the temperatures. 

 This feels like I am not wearing anything, it has no shape, it just drapes.
 I will be thankful for this come December, January.
 I have a bag very much like this, same colour, not quite as big. 
I will carry it and enjoy the girliness of a pink handbag.