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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I have nothing to wear...

I know, some people say this all the time, while they have a closet full of perfectly good things to wear.
But I have nothing to wear.
Oh sure, there are perfectly good things to wear but ... I am tired of them.
They don't all fit properly, they sometimes don't have the right mood to them.
You know what I mean, don't you ?
There are days that your clothes reflect your mood.
Or they reflect the way you want to be seen .. who you want to be seen as.

Most days, here, I end up looking like a hodgepodge of who I am.

Take today for example.
I went out , got down the block, the wind blew and I scurried back home, to put on the right things.
The weather man said it would be warmer, he forgot to mention the cold wind.

I wore a cotton shirt with a sweater over it with a sweater over that and trousers with my trusty little work boots.
Have I told you about my boots ? No ?? How did you manage that ?
I tell everyone about my boots !

From the day I first put them on, they fit perfectly and as soft as your favourite old shoes that are falling apart.
The ones you can no longer wear out in public.
They are quilted, Chanel-like.
They have rubber soles so I can walk on rain slick cobblestone streets without slipping and falling in front of a bus.
They lace up so I can make them nice and tight at the ankle which keeps those ankles from breaking upon turning them on the cobblestone streets.
You thought cobblestone streets were charming didn't you ?
I think they are death traps.

And I wore the obligatory City Girl scarf, wrapped just so.

A trip to the bakery and home and I knew I had to change clothes, I was dressed too warmly .. yay!
Winter is easing away ..
I am glad. . this has been a long winter for me and  I will be glad to see it gone.

So I came home, had a scone (strictly  taste test purposes ) and removed a layer of sweater and scarf and off we went.
Camera in hand.

I was too warm by the time we got to the end of the street.
I soldiered on ..
We stood in the shade waiting for a light to change, the wind was cold.
So the day went like this, one block shade, one block sun, wander through a park block, back into the sun.

Tomorrow I am going shopping, I have to figure out what I need and buy it.
This, of course, means I will find Nothing.
And I will still have nothing to wear.

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