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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What will they think of next ?

I have been known to be a bit snarky, a bit vocal in my remarks on the way I feel about using deer antlers or heads or even skins in home decorating.
I know some people have no problem with it, perhaps a few of them just never thought about it.

I want my homes to reflect beauty, grace and comfort. 
There should be a feeling of peace and relaxation. 
A sense of humour and plenty of places to dream and admire the view , whether the view is art on the wall or big windows.
The view in my home would never be something dead.
"Art" to me is not putting a dead thing on a wall. That old hunting room full of trophy heads is so much a thing of the past .. for a good reason.

I know many people, not sure of themselves when it comes to decorating, follow trends. 
Some maybe a bit blindly... magazines grab a fad and show it to death ( pardon the pun).

So you can guess how sick I am of seeing homes, where people ( often with children) live and love, with dead animals heads on their walls.  
The deer population in the US must be quite low now.
Imagine my dismay, my surprise, my mocking remarks that were kept to myself .. when I saw a room in a home where people live and laugh and love ... with a huge buffalo head on the wall.
What will they think of next ?
art ?