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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Must Have ... Colourful

From the Sartorialist ..

I guess this means I must get a pair of colourful trousers when I am back in Summer time again. 
I don't think I will do the colourful hair look ..
But most of all, I must get that Prada bag.


Mandy_Fish said...

I love seeing bright colors again!

Bystander said...

Those trousers reminded me. I once had a pair like that (when I was half my present size and less than half my present age!). We were traveling in Argentina and a kind couple from Cordoba took us around a few places in their car. The husband said that you would never see an Argentine woman in trousers that colour. Still true?

NotesFromAbroad said...

Bystander, not true anymore. Although it is Winter now and dark colors are mostly what you see. But this past summer, bright jeans and trousers were popular.
Mandy, if we move back in summer, I will have to run right out and buy a few pair :)