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Thursday, April 12, 2012

In the Kitchen

Now that we are really going to be house hunting , for  a real house in a country setting , all of my wish-lists and dream rooms that I have saved, can now be taken out and looked at and remembered when looking at houses.
I can look at an old home on a real estate website and point out the dark wooden paneling or the stained cabinets in the kitchen and say, White paint .. strip it, paint it white, leave the beams, done !

This kitchen is the new kitchen in a very old house. Subway tiles, that sink ! the fridge !
Then I see a house that has the light and windows and room for a color perhaps. 
What if I skip the all white kitchen and go for an elegant color ? or is this a passing fancy and I will wish things were light and white again ?
Yes, I think the white kitchen idea is good for us. Now about that floor ......