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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

White & Natural Wood

There comes a time when a person thinks, that living in a house has gotten to be boring, that an apartment might be fun. 
Or a person living in an apartment, begins to dream of living in a house. 
I have reached that point. 
 I live in a grand French style apartment in a fabulous city and I have daily dreams of living in a house out in the countryside .. or at least not in a big city. 
I want gardens and skies and grass outside the door, not just down the block at the park.
These are my daydreams .....
My next home is going to have to have at least two of these important features.
White walls and wooden floors.

I have plenty of dark wood furniture so that will fit in nicely.

I am still torn over black and white floors, wood might win out on this one.

And we just happen to have several chandeliers !