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Thursday, January 5, 2012


It is Summer and it is hot.
In the 90's each day and there are no clouds, the sky is brilliant blue and a person can get a sunburn just walking to the market and back ..
While one might imagine a cold, wet, Winter day as being perfect to stay in, all cozy and warm and reading a book ... Here, Summer days are when I hibernate with my books.
A hammock in the living room might be fun.
Most often, I read in bed .. in the evenings, when all is quiet and I won't have to stop reading for any reason, like dinner or taking a walk .. just let me have a few hours of quiet reading time.
But during the day is good too.
A cozy chair, a big soft sofa and a good book and everything is pretty much perfect.
It will cool off, in a few months , and we will be out in the parks again, walking here and there, window shopping, neighborhood exploring, cafe sitting with friends .
But for now, we are hibernating .. a good book on a hot day is all we need.