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Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Change of View

Our visitors are gone.
The house is so quiet ! So empty ..
I think it is a good time to do some re-decorating.
I can't sit around and feel the emptiness .. we have to change some things so it will feel right again !
The thought has crossed our minds lately, of changing the home .. not just the interiors.
For now we are staying here, but there is that little idea at the back of our minds, a new place might be waiting in the future.
A place with views..

I often like to think of having a view similar to this .. but do I want to see more city views ? Or do I want to see green, woods, flowers and perhaps a deer or some small creature outside in my garden ?
Summer is here. We will enjoy the sunshine and warmth and special events that summer in the city brings, but that little thought of another place in another land remains.