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Saturday, October 22, 2011

In My Imaginary House in the Country

A direct result of living in a huge city, full of cars and people and dogs and noise, is that a person gets a longing to live in the country.
Full of trees and probably a few dogs and people but hopefully much less noise.
I would also enjoy seeing much more sky without a building in the way.. if there are trees in the way , well then, that is alright.
These thoughts drive me to daydreaming about the house that I like, found in an online real estate website, that has acres of land .. stone walls and charm.
Did I mention it is on 2 acres and as far as we can tell, there are no neighbors ?
Even if I don't want to be totally isolated, a house on an acre in the country would make me happy.
I have picked out the rooms and styles that I like.. ( today) .
I know I want to use a lot of white, so I can throw various colors in when I feel like it.
Christmas , I will bring out all the red , of course, my chandeliers will be Everywhere ! Summer will be pale blues and yellows.. that sort of thing.
A big bed in a bedroom with a fireplace would work for me.
Yes, I think this is a good plan so far. It is good to have plans !

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