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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Home Fantasies

For Some People .. Fall is in the air.
Here, Spring has sprung.
But I still daydream about being in a woodsy place in Autumn.
I wouldn't even mind the raking of the leaves ... my husband would do it .. I will watch.
This Place would do fine , I see room for a horse or chickens , definitely a dog or two.
I would walk around in riding boots all day and at night we would have dinner parties..
This pretty much sums up my Dream Kitchen.
Wherever I end up living next, there will be a version of this in my home.
It doesn't even have to be that big .. don't you love the little lamp on the counter?
I have Sofa Envy.
Anyone who is interested in visiting, this will be your bed .. your room .. your Nook. I will even keep the Teddy Bears there if you wish.

all images crush cul de sac


Barbara said...

So happy to have found your blog! And yes, love that kitchen (and all the other rooms, too...)


aBroad said...

Thank you, Barbara !