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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Skin You're In

Every year, I go to the dermatologist.
This year is no different.
Last year , was different.
I had skin cancer.
On my leg, my thigh to be precise.
Almost the same spot on that leg as the previous skin cancer I had on the other leg, in 1996.
Both have been taken care of and I am fine and the scars are more "interesting" than ugly and I don't really care because Skin Cancer is really ugly.
And it is fairly easy not to get it.
But as in my case, being blonde/blue-eyed/raised in the South and having lived in Hawaii and California and unfortunately being one of those people who is fair skinned but tans easily ..
I baked myself as a kid, never used sun block and now ( as are millions of other people ) I am paying for it.
So read this and take this tiny bit of caution away with you ...
No matter how old/young you are, wear sunblock or stay out of the sun.
That means your children too.
No matter how dark or fair you are .. remember, Bob Marley died from a Melanoma skin cancer.

So the doctor looks me over and tells me I am fine.
But I am too thin.

Boing !! when was the last time that happened to you ??
I was so surprised, I just looked at her and wondered, did this mean I have to take medicine ? will it bother my skin ?
Actually, being too thin will bother your skin.
It gets all loose and wrinkly and foldy .. from not being plumped up with the proper fats and things that belong in there.
Things that are missing when you don't eat properly.
I don't eat properly.
I drink gallons of coffee with a lot of sugar in it and I mostly only eat once a day and that isn't much.
I am not hungry these days.
I am sad these days.
But when I get happy again, someday, watch out .. I will be eating my way across the city/country/continent !!

If you have any none meat recipes for someone with a lack of appetite, here is where you get to post them.
I will try them and I will let you know how they worked out.
Or I will write to you privately and fuss at you because I will be all plump and round and my clothes won't fit ~
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