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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Getting the Urge

I'm getting that urge to move again.
I want a new home to renovate .. new rooms to decorate .. new places to explore.
Right now I am doing it all online, looking, daydreaming, making lists.
There are a few Big Questions though ... like ..
Where do I want to live ?
Which continent ?
City or Country ?

I have gotten to the point where my only real decision is that IF I were to live in another country, say in Europe, it would be an apartment in Paris.
Otherwise .....
I am liking the idea of a small-ish house in a country-like setting or the woods .. not too far from a big city .. really big , as in New York City.
There is always the option of moving from this apartment here into another one but that just doesn't have the same exciting feeling to it .. know what I mean ?